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“Level 3 with Deki was full of positive energy. Difficult stuff made simple. This course helps a lot with my questioning and listening skills which are essential for becoming, not only a proper BFRP, but also a kind and empathetic human being. Thank you so much!” ~ Dr Num

“The course was very well-structured, interactively engaging, and every question addressed with an impressive level of attentiveness. Deki is not only an amazing teacher, but an inspiring example of what’s possible when a person has found their calling and dedicated themselves to it.” ~ Robbie

“A God- sent gift. Very warm ambient class and also very professional teaching style.” ~Dr. Nattakit

“Thank you very much Deki. Thank you for all you support and help me in every stage. You are a very nice and kind teacher, and your mercy is much valued to this world. You facilitate me to be more brave and to come out of my comfort zone. I am very happy to study with you in this level 3. Thank you very much and I’m greatly impressed by you.” ~ Nana

“Studying Bach Level 3 with Deki has been one of my best decisions of my life. During those 4 days of classes I’ve gained practical depth of knowledge and experiences from my teacher who sparks up inspiration. I really feel grateful and thankful for being a part of this class. It really was wonderful having joined this class . It was a golden opportunity for me.” ~Nect

“Bach Remedies is somewhat marvellous and amazing! I am grateful and thankful for my lovely friend who introduced me and also blissful to my beloved Deki & Hong Seng teachers who taught me so well and full of joyful energy.

I have spot “self-awareness” from time to time that help connected emotion and see clearly on the deep down emotion. Not only remedies balance our emotion but great energy within. Well, Remedies is not just to help my patients or in my career path but it is also can be used in every situations in life & bring inner peace within. I believe.

Lastly, Teachers Hong Seng & Deki, you guys are awesome. Respect!” ~ Angie

“I had never known what is Bach remedy and what is that for, however I was invited by my friend to join the Level 1 course. I was always with doubt on its usage but during the class, I had encountered many situations and emotions which made me really surprised and I can’t help but wonder what was going on.
I truly appreciate that Ms Deki was the teacher for this level 3 class because the important thing that Ms Deki did was the consultation before the class started, I have realized what is  ‘self-awareness’.
In the class, I was worried about my emotions but time flew so fast that I didn’t even realise it because I really enjoyed and had fun in the class.
I greatly appreciate Ms Deki for helping me to deal with my emotions. Deki surprised me all the times as she was able to empathize with our feelings and react acccordingly which makes us feel better with that very act itself.
Ms Deki is the best professor that I met, and she spreads love, kindness and cheerfulness. Lastly, I have to say thank you so much to Ms Deki and my classmates that made this course full of fun and laughter. The class is forever precious to me.”

~ Dr Wipawee (Wi Wee) 

This Level 3 course by Deki, is very comprehensive and full of learning for Bach practitioners. From her teaching, I can clearly understand about the remedies, consultation process, how to take care of myself, how to listen to clients in order to select the right remedies for them to help them achieving their emotional balance. I feel grateful and very happy to be in this class and be one of her students. Thank you.” ~ Dr Chantan

“Wonderful class, wonderful mentor! A lot of practical points from teacher Deki, and the role-plays helped us to further differentiate the remedies. I’m learning even after the exam!” ~ Dr Nalinee

“Very inspiring class, I really appreciated the warm, attentive and professional teaching from Deki.” ~ Dr Napisvadee 

“The Level 3 practitioner course brought my understanding of the Bach Flower Remedies to a whole new level, and made me appreciate this simple yet wonderful system even more.  I was hesitating if I was ready for Level 3 but was glad that I decided to go for it.  Lynne is both an engaging and very inspiring teacher whose presence alone is a healing process for all.  I am truly grateful for Deki and Hong Seng for making this Level 3 course possible to us.  Thank you. “~ Judy, BFRP 

“刚完成了巴哈花精 Level 3 的课程,回想与巴哈花精的相遇是3年前的事,那时正修读辅导课程,也有兴趣认识其他扶助情绪的治疗模式,後来因为工作与学习的忙碌,把巴哈花精忘于脑后,直到去年在朋友分享中认识到巴哈花精在平衡情绪的功效,令我想进一步认这个系统。因缘际遇去年7月和10月,Inner Voice有举办Level 1和Level 2的课程,让我能于短时间内对巴哈花精的系统和应用有全面的认识。在刚完成的Level 3课程中,我进一步认识到巴哈花精的咨询技巧,感到它与我先前学习的辅导可互相结合,让我在助人的过程中能更有效地帮助有情绪困扰的人们”。~ Season Chan, BFRP

“ Deki是個溫暖包容又會確實督促我進步的老師,在上一階之前,我先上了巴哈中心遠距課程,理論知識都能掌握,但開始與花精精神融合,看見自己、療癒自己是從deki老師課開始的,若沒有老師清晰的講解與陪伴,恐怕很難應用自如,或真實的陪伴自己蛻變,每停頓一下,老師會鼓勵我、提醒我、糾正我,在學習個案諮詢的道路上,這樣溫暖清晰的陪伴是非常受用的。即使現在已經成為一位BFRP,老師仍然會在需要的時候給予支持。她如實的就像花精精神,能全面清晰的看見學生的需求,用適合的方法讓每個人看見自己、拿出自己的力量成為更好。而我確實在走過這兩年學習的路上,成長非常多,對自我更加的肯定與看見生活的諸多恩典然後發揮應用,非常感謝花精,感謝遇到一位好老師,感謝我現在也有一些力量能分享花精給更多有緣人,把這個美好的體驗再擴大。“ ~ Olivia, BFRP

“  不知不覺居然也默默到了花精三階的最後階段,其實也很訝異自己可以走到這,從一開始的不知花精為何物,到現在雖說不上是百發百中,卻也還算可以運用自如。




   謝謝身邊總有朋友,讓我總是可以遇到很棒的老師,學習很有趣的課程,可以自助;可以助人。很高興可以成為Deki在台灣第一班一手帶大的學生,感謝Deki願意飄洋過海來成就我們,我們以身為您的學生為榮,也希望有朝一日您能以我們為傲。” ~ Meiling 

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