Bach Centre’s Trainer-led Level 2 Distance Learning Program – (Online)


An in-depth understanding of the Bach Flower Remedies

You can either attend a L2 DLP by the Bach Centre or attend one that is fully led by Ms Deki Soh

Teacher: Ms. Deki Soh, BFRP & BFRAP

Date: TBC (20hr intensive yet fun learning)
(A structured 5-week format with additional lessons for effective learning)

*Fees (SG): S$820
The all-inclusive fee for the course is SGD$820

The fees comes with the followings:

  • Access to the course guide/Dossier (with all written material and the videos)
  • Online sessions (20 hrs, mandatory)
  • All materials printed and delivered to your place (worldwide express delivery by DHL for overseas participants)

Course dates for Level 1 & Level 3
Course Testimonials

Course description

The Level 2 Distance Learning Programme (L2 DLP for short) is an advanced course on Dr Bach’s system, it seeks to encourage reflection on that personal experience and refine remedy knowledge. Topics covered include type and mood remedies and subtle differences between remedy pairs. Focus on practical skills, the course emphasizes on developing self-awareness and increasing philosophical knowledge of the system as well. 

The L2 DLP has six main elements:

  1. A course guide that sets tasks, asks questions, and organizes the course for you
  2. A Dossier where you write your answers to questions, reflect on experiences etc.
  3. Online videos to watch
  4. Written material to download and read
  5. Real-world activities to do at home, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or family
  6. Six online real-time sessions with a trainer and a small group of other students, where you can take part in exercises, learn from and share with other students, and raise questions

You must attend Bach Centre-approved Level 1 before starting this course.

Please note take as well as attending online sessions, students have to complete the L2 DLP material on the Bach Centre’s website and send in a completed Dossier before they get their L2 certificate. 

 You can either attend a L2 DLP by the Bach Centre or attend one that is
fully led by Ms Deki Soh

When you take part in the L2 DLP direct with the Bach Centre, you enter an open-ended course that you complete to your own schedule, and where you have the chance to work with different trainers for the online sessions at times that are convenient to you.

L2 DLP led by Deki Soh provides the following advantages:

  • additional class hours to help you in understanding Level 2 contents. 
  • complete the course in 2 weeks time.
  • Class lesson plans carefully designed by Deki to ensure effective learning and completion of the course.
  • Learning from the same teacher provides individualized instruction
  • learning in the same class provides a more positive and supportive relationships with peers
  • the class schedules might work out better for those staying in Asia conducted in Singapore time.


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