LEVEL 3 – Practitioner Training


Working professionally with Bach Flower Remedies

Level 3 in Singapore, 2024

Prerequisites: Level 1 and Level 2*

Dates: 17th Run | 19-22 September 2024 (Thu to Sun)
Venue: Singapore, Bukit Batok
Time: 10.00am – 5.30pm (last day till 4.30pm)
Bach Asia Exclusive Exams Revision: 20th & 21st Sep, 6.30pm – 8.30pm [Optional]
Teacher: Ms Deki Soh
Early Bird Price till 1 Aug : S$2400 (UPS$2600)- inclusive of mentoring and marking fees

“Deki is a very dedicated teacher, and this is such an effective course! 10/10!”

“Deki is so enthusiastic!”

“You are a very good and effective teacher! You help us to understand all the remedies, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you all the way from Level 1! Thank you very much!”

“Deki has done the part of a teacher so well! As a pure Vervain, Deki shared with us as much as possible and pointed out our mistakes that we were unaware of.”

“It was so valuable to be here and learned from Deki. Deki is motivated, energetic, inspiring and calm.”

what made our courses unique?
  • We share with you our years of vast experience working with the remedies!
  • We give you the key pointers to each remedy and help you relating the remedies to your life.
  • As firm believers of experiential learning, you will learn the remedies through taking them, and in the process, connecting with the self that is already in you.
  • we do not just teach the system, we show you the way to listen to your inner voice, to acknowledge your current state of mind, and gradually learn to increase your awareness through using remedies and observation.

Dr. Edward Bach aims to make this system a simple one for everybody to use it. However, having an in-depth understanding of the remedies and healing process requires an experienced teacher to guide you.

We have years of working with people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of issues and challenges.  In addition,  having taught the Bach healing system for years,  this helps us to be better in conducting the courses,  as we know exactly how to do it, to make it just right for you to comprehend the subject.

Why is our courses more expensive?

We are the pioneer that brings the Bach remedies from the UK to Singapore and then to Thailand, Indonesia & Bhutan and have been teaching the courses for more than 10 years. Just Level 1 itself we have done more than 50 classes over these years. On top of that, we reflect and review our course and improve it after each run to make it even better.

Our course fees have not changed since 2011 when we started teaching these courses, but we have definitely grown, and the qualities of our teaching have increased significantly!. The fees were pegged to the general professional training cost in Singapore back then.

Course description

Format: A 4-day course followed by supervised home study, focusing on theoretical and practical issues, including 3 in-depth case studies.

In this course everything you need to conduct a consultation are taught, some modules covered are as follows:
  • Qualities of practitioner
  • Roles of a practitioner & client
  • Importance of a consultation
  • Running a consultation
  • Consultation process
  • Consulation settings
  • Button and triggers
  • note-taking
  • Introducing the Bach system
  • Effective and non-effective communication
  • Your communication style
  • Effective listening
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Questioning skills
  • Questioning process & basic rules
  • Power dynamic during a consultation
  • Drama triangle + ego states
  • Facing challenging issues
  • Role-plays


Level 3 focuses on consultations skills and the work of professional Bach practitioners. This is catered to those who wish to use the remedies professionally or to incorporate them into an existing wellness practice.

Level 3 includes classroom teaching, written assessments, extended essays, and case studies with full tutor support. In total, the course takes about 6 to 18 months to complete.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students can apply for inclusion into the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners, maintained by the Bach Centre.

Registration is conditional on the applicant’s agreement to work under the Bach Foundation’s Code of Practice.  As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), the applicant is committed to empowering people to help themselves using Dr. Bach’s simple system of healing.

The level 3 course comprises three parts (part one class-based, part two and three home-based) :

  • PART ONE is a four-day taught course in Singapore. Your teacher will be Deki Soh, the first Bach teacher in South East Asia, and have taught no less than 70 Bach classes (both Level 1 & level 2) to participants from all walks of life. Deki will take you through the use of the remedies in professional practice, covering everything you need to conduct a consultation with the finer points of remedy knowledge. The teaching programme will be fairly intensive and on the fourth day, there will be a written assessment. Successful completion of which enables you to go on to Part TWO of this course.
  • PART TWO comprises written assignments that will be sent to you via email, for you to do from home. Successful completion of which will enable you to go on to Part THREE.
  • PART THREE consists of a period of three months’ practice in your own working environment, during which, you will be putting your theoretical knowledge to practical use. You will be required to submit three in-depth case studies at the end of the three month period, together with an extended essay. You will receive the requirements for this part after successful completion of PART TWO. These requirements will guide you to complete PART THREE, be sure to read them before starting this part.
In total, the course takes about 6 to 18 months to complete. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will be invited to join the Bach Foundation International Register, maintained by the Bach Centre.

Completing Level 3 is a prerequisite for registration. However, registration and the issue of the accompanying Certificate are entirely at the Bach Centre’s discretion.

*This course is open to anyone with a valid certificate for a Bach Foundation-approved Level 2 course.

*Some Bach Centre courses are only open to students who have reached the correct level. For example, to attend a level two course you would need to have a valid completion certificate issued after a Bach Foundation-approved level one course. Completion certificates for Bach Foundation-approved courses always carry the Bach Foundation’s ‘house’ logo and the words ‘course approved by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation’.

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