LEVEL 2 – Advanced Workshop


An in-depth understanding of the Bach Flower Remedies

Level 2 in Singapore 

Teacher: Ms Ong Hong Seng
Date: 27-28 Jan 2024
venue: Singapore, Bukit Batok
Course Fees (SGD): S$920

Why is our courses more expensive?

We are the pioneer that brings the Bach remedies from the UK to Singapore and then to Thailand, Indonesia & Bhutan and have been teaching the courses for more than 10 years. Just Level 1 itself we have done more than 50 classes over these years. On top of that, we reflect and review our course and improve it after each run to make it even better.

Our course fees have not changed since 2011 when we started teaching these courses, but we have definitely grown, and the qualities of our teaching have increased significantly!. The fees were pegged to the general professional training cost in Singapore back then.

what made our courses unique?
  • We share with you our years of vast experience working with the remedies!
  • We give you the key pointers to each remedy and help you relating the remedies to your life.
  • As firm believers of experiential learning, you will learn the remedies through taking them, and in the process, connecting with the self that is already in you.
  • we do not just teach the system, we show you the way to listen to your inner voice, to acknowledge your current state of mind, and gradually learn to increase your awareness through using remedies and observation.

Dr. Edward Bach aims to make this system a simple one for everybody to use it. However, having an in-depth understanding of the remedies and healing process requires an experienced teacher to guide you.

We have years of working with people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of issues and challenges.  In addition,  having taught the Bach healing system for years,  this helps us to be better in conducting the courses,  as we know exactly how to do it, to make it just right for you to comprehend the subject.

There are many course providers worldwide providing Bach-Centre approved courses, are they all the same?

Teachers trained by the the Bach Centre are only given guidelines to cover the same scope for each Level. Lesson plans, contents, materials, slides and exercises are crafted by individual teachers based on their own skills and experiences. That means that two teachers teaching the same course, can have very different lesson flow and materials, as well as what they bring on the table based on their experiences with the remedies and teaching.

The certificate issued for all Bach-Centre approved courses is the same though.

“Deki Soh is a positive person and it comes across in her presentation. This made learning so easy. She shared many stories which made learning fun. ” 

“As a school counsellor, I would say that the remedies will bring great impact on working with clients back at school. Remedies are also effective for myself regarding my personal issues.”

“Deki Soh was a great teacher. I learned a lot from her. Whenever I asked her questions, I would get very satisfying answers or solutions.  And she also helped me clarify some confusing points about this system.  I was very glad that I decided to enroll in this course and spent the last weekend with Deki.”

“ The course was very effective as Deki seeks to clarify our doubts and deepen our understanding of the system.”

Course description

Bach Foundation-approved Level 2 courses aim to encourage reflection on that personal experience and refine remedy knowledge. Level 2 gives you the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 remedies and of his philosophy of health. Topics covered include type and mood remedies and subtle differences between remedy pairs. Focus on practical skills, the course emphasizes on developing self-awareness and increasing philosophical knowledge of the system.


Level 2 is required training for people who want to attend a practitioner training course (Level 3).

The aim of the course: 

  • Build on existing theoretical knowledge and make it personal
  • Allow students space and time to explore more deeply Dr. Bach’s philosophy
  • Provide a forum in which students can exchange personal experiences and learn from each other
  • Consolidate existing knowledge of the remedies, in particular as regards type and mood remedies and subtle differences between similar remedies
  • Provide opportunities for personal practical use of the remedies
  • Provide all the prerequisites in terms of remedy knowledge needed for practitioner training (Level 3)

Learning objectives:

After attending a course where these aims have been met you could reasonably expect to:

  • Describe ways in which using the remedies could affect their own lives
  • Explain the difference between type and mood remedies and the philosophical basis and historical development of the type remedy concept
  • Make comparisons between similar remedies and recognize the subtle differences between them
  • Describe the fundamentals of Dr. Bach’s philosophy and relate these fundamentals to your own beliefs and practices
  • Select appropriate remedies for yourself and your friends and relations

You will receive:

  • Level 2 Certificates issued by the Bach Centre
  • A personal mixing bottle of up to 7 remedies of your choice
  • Handouts, course materials, and exercises
*This course is open to anyone with a valid certificate for a Bach Foundation-approved Level 1 course.


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