Level 1 – Introductory Course

Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

Trainer: Ms. Deki Soh, BFRP & BFRAP
Course Fees (SG): 

Duration: 3-day online learning
Date: #56 run: 24/25 April & 1 May (Sat/Sun + Sat)
Time: 1pm-6pm

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Duration: 2-day classroom-based learning
Date:  #57 run: 2-3 Oct 2021 (registration is open)
Time: 10am- 6.30pm

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Course dates for Level 2 & Level 3

Course Testimonials

The course fee includes:
  • Your personalised mixing bottle
  • Color printed handouts
  • To assist learning, students will receive a 10% discount on flower essence products (one-time discount)
Please take note (for online courses only):
  • Materials and your personalized bottle will be delivered to your door 3 days before the class begins
  • This course uses the zoom platform. Be sure to install & test the Zoom software before the class. To test the app: https://zoom.us/test
  • This is an interactive session, for best learning experience, using a laptop is encouraged
what made our courses unique?
  • We share with you our years of vast experience working with the remedies!
  • We give you the key pointers to each remedy and help you relating the remedies to your life.
  • As firm believers of experiential learning, you will learn the remedies through taking them, and in the process, connecting with the self that is already in you.
  • we do not just teach the system, we show you the way to listen to your inner voice, to acknowledge your current state of mind, and gradually learn to increase your awareness through using remedies and observation.

Dr. Edward Bach aims to make this system a simple one for everybody to use it. However, having an in-depth understanding of the remedies and healing process requires an experienced teacher to guide you.

We have years of working with people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of issues and challenges.  In addition,  having taught the Bach healing system for years,  this helps us to be better in conducting the courses,  as we know exactly how to do it, to make it just right for you to comprehend the subject.

“A wealth of information, amazing teacher! Great energy and very dedicated, inspirational, passionate and teaches everything from the heart and soul!  A great course!”

“Through her humorous, lively and interesting way, Deki teaches earnestly to make sure we have an in-depth understanding of the Bach remedies.”

“Deki is good. She knows how to pass on the knowledge to us and help us how to more easy to remember the connection between the remedies and different emotions.”

“I gained a clearer concept and the effects of flower remedies, also I have more confidence about introducing and making use of it.
The teacher is very warm-hearted, passionate, and professional, I enjoyed learning from her.”

Course description

This course is approved by the Bach Centre. Level 1 course certificates are issued by The Bach Centre upon successful completion of the course.

Level 1 provides a solid foundation for all those wishing to learn about Dr. Bach’s remedies. It is primarily designed for people who need to understand the basics in order to use the remedies for themselves, their friends and family. Level 1 is the pre-requisite to the other levels.

When course duration allows, this is what the course aims to achieve:

  • To take an in-depth look at the traditional crisis formula and its use
  • To give detailed information on the seven groups and on each of Dr. Bach’s 38 remedies including case histories and practical examples
  • To introduce the history and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach
  • To show how to use the remedies in everyday situations for oneself, friends, and family as well as for plants and animals
  • To inspire students to learn more about the remedies

You will

  • have an overview of each 38 remedies and their indications via case studies, examples and practical exercises
  • start to select remedies, apply them in daily life, and learn basics such as how and when to take them
  • Gain insights into the principles of Dr. Bach’s system and approach to healing

The basic modules for a complete Level 1 course are:

  • Basic principles
  • Crisis formula
  • Taking the remedies
  • 38 remedies
  • Philosophy
  • Effects of the remedies
  • History
  • Helping others
  • Remedies in everyday life, &
  • Using the remedies with plants and animals

You will receive:

  • Level 1 Certificate issued by The Bach Centre, UK
  • A personal mixing bottle of up to 7 remedies of your choice
  • Handouts, course materials, and exercises
  • Bach flowers remedies book(s)

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