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 “It was destiny (i.e. the ripening of conditions) that brought me to Deki. In relation to the true “me”, Deki is a messenger and teacher sent to me from the divine. With her courage, wisdom, sensitivity and strong intuition, all of which beautiful traits that have unfolded in her “being-ness”, she braved the torrential currents and guided me like a warrior; all the while, holding my hand gently like a mother would… 

 All that is left in my heart for her is only deep gratitude.

 Thank you, Deki for being with me in my life lesson. Thank you, Deki. Thank you. ”


 “花与花的互动是愉快的。花儿让我不再逃避并诚心的接受自己,进而改善以来被自己的无知而打乱的生活。除此之外,更感谢在治疗互动过程中Deki 所给予的耐心。我想我这么一个难搞的人想必给您添了不少麻烦”。

Ms Tan

“I experienced the mysterious healing properties of Bach Flower remedies when I was feeling a lot of stress at work and falling sick quite often. The remedies helped me to tune in to my intuition and trust myself better, thus leading to a greater sense of wellbeing. Deki is a skilled and compassionate practitioner who really helped to facilitate this journey. Thank you!”




“Deki’s expertise coupled with the effectiveness of the Bach Flower remedy allowed me to find back my true self and my self-confidence within a short period of 3 months. Deki is someone whom I feel totally comfortable with, and working with her on my emotions was an amazing experience. I am really very thankful to her.”

Sheryn Yeo
Author cum trainer

“It’s hard to describe the effectiveness of Bach Flower Remedy (BFR) because how much you gain from it depends entirely on how much you’re willing to share about yourself, and I’m glad to say that this is where Deki’s methods shine.

She was able to use both her knowledge of BFR and a keen sense of perception to shed light on the issues that were troubling me. This, in turn, allowed me to receive the most appropriate combination of Bach Flower essences, which helped the way I interacted with others almost immediately.”


 “I first came to learn about Deki through this website in late 2011. I’m the sort of person who proactively seeks to help myself, as I recognise that I need an external perspective to my problems from time to time. As such, I’m comfortable with natural healing systems, such as the Bach Flower Remedies.

 Through several sessions over the course of many months, I’ve come to appreciate Deki’s insight into some of my personal issues. Right from the first time I met her, I could sense her sincerity and genuineness in wanting to help others. She has an incredibly intuitive ability to sense my moods and to ask pertinent questions, as she helps me to uncover some of the issues that trouble me in my personal life. All these qualities make her an excellent Bach Practitioner and I’ve learnt much from her regarding the use of the Bach healing system.”


 “Deki is a very sensitive healer who can truly get to the core issues affecting your life. She is deeply committed and passionate about her craft, and she comes from a place of truly wanting to help. Initially skeptical at first, I was amazed by the far-reach and depth of how the Bach remedies could be applied to the various shades of emotional unease that unconsciously affect and control people’s lives. Personally I’ve come to uncover certain very deep issues in sessions with her, that has not been discovered in over ten years of self-development work. I’d recommend anyone to work with her.”

Volunteer Counselor, Writer

“I am very impressed with Deki as she conducts herself like the well trained professional that she is. She is also caring and sincere. An effective listener, she does her best to arrive at an understanding of how to help the person in front of her. What strikes me most is that Deki has that special requirement which puts her in tune with people – she possesses the sensibilities of a healer.” Aileen Lim

“Deki has been instrumental in making me feel comfortable to open up. Tried Bach’s remedy for the first time, and it actually works! Could feel the gradual effect and improvement. Impressed. Would definitely recommend Deki and Bach’s remedy to anyone and everyone.”

29 yearrs old, Marketing

“Deki has been instrumental in making me feel comfortable to open up. Tried Bach’s remedy for the first time, and it actually works! Could feel the gradual effect and improvement. Impressed. Would definitely recommend Deki and Bach’s remedy to anyone and everyone.”

29 yearrs old, Marketing

 “I had a severe depression under its circumstances that barely manageable, which it reacts negatively to any situations, which trigger outburst frequently. Not until Deki introduced “Bach Flower Remedies”.

After taking the remedies for a few days, I felt calmed, lightened, with less heavy thoughts and sleep better. That allows me to make a wiser decision ahead for my daily work routine. Besides that, it is not enough to merely rely on the remedies, we must make use of the clarity achieved by taking the remedies to gain more awareness of ourselves.” Tan

“Once again, I wish to say ” THANK YOU”. It is a very great experience to discover the inner self with the help from you and the flower remedies along the way. I can still remember how happy I was after the first session. With your clear explanation on the theory and practice of the Bach Flower Remedy, I had the feeling of: “Yes, this is what I am looking for”, after a long time indulgence in the muddy emotion. With your patience of listening to me, I had the very first relieves from the burdens. With the kind help and generous sharing from the force of nature -Flower, I can slowly step into my own inner “locked door” and find out the imbalance of inner self, to understand the causes and effects from the self life history and experience, and to correct it, to tune it into a balance stream.

It is not only helping me in self-understanding, but indirectly, it cured my relationship with my loved ones, and save my marriage. You have done a great job, and I am sure, this is one of the right choices of you, in providing help to those in need, to share the kindness and love of nature to others.” Tanz

“I have heard about Bach flower for quite some time but never think of trying it as I don’t really believe the power of Bach flower and I don’t know why because most of the time I would want to try for something new. I notice that since I know about Bach flower it has indirectly connected to my life as I found it from a book and saw it at the shelf and it seems to keep asking me to try it out… ha ha!

Last month, I suddenly felt very depressed and tire. I seem have lost all my energy and I know that I need to release my negative emotion but have no idea what to do finally I get to know Deki from Kampong-Senang’s website and I had contacted her immediately and make an appointment with her.

 During the healing session, I have able to release my negative emotion and the first 2 days after taking the Bach flower I still have a lot of negative emotion and after that, I just feel very calm and relax. I started to feel my energy and even able to listen to my inner self- it told me not to worry about the past and the future but just focus on this moment. I know I have made a right choice and the healing power of Bach flower is really wonderful.

I would like to thanks Deki as she has given me another option to heal myself even though I only go through one healing session with her but her sincere and care really touch me a lot. Thanks, Deki.” Esther

 “I first wanted to try out Bach Flower Remedies because I wanted to improve my mental outlook on life and become a happier person. Unexpectedly, I found out I was pregnant just before my first appointment with Deki. Over the past 9 months, Deki has helped me to work through my feelings of anxiety as a first-time mum-to-be and grow stronger as a person. Deki is sensitive and she knew when and how to help me see certain issues that needed to be worked through. She was very professional, lending a listening ear but always keeping the objective of growth and wellness in mind. The Bach Flower Remedies she recommended enabled me to address timely issues. My baby girl, Clarice, has just been born and Deki says she is her “first BFR baby” because I have been taking BFRs throughout my pregnancy. I am really glad that God allowed my husband and me to get to know Deki and take the BFRs during the 9 months because I believe it helped me to have a happy pregnancy. And if Mummy is happy, Baby is happy! I truly believe everyone can benefit from the use of the BFRs because we all have emotional issues that we can afford to let go of and become a happier person. I hope more people can get to know about the BFRs and become more balanced people as a result of taking them.”


My first consultation with Deki was in February 2012. That was my stressful times as I was tasked to perform some work issues where I always thought I was not up to it. I was very anxious, worried, scared, impatient, lost, feeling a lack of confidence to perform the tasks, and wanted to try running away from it. I was so glad when I managed to find out Deki’s profile & Bach flower remedies via the internet. I immediately scheduled an appointment with her. Deki was extremely patient when I told her my problems, and she listens to your problems and always gave me very good advice on how to improve my well-being, to become a happier person, and to have more confidence in myself. We can relate to each other very well, and she clearly knows the situation that I am facing. Since February, I have been taking the Bach Flower remedies which Deki has helped me to select based on my current emotions and issues at the point of time(i.e anxious, lack of confidence, worried for no reasons).

After taking the Bach Flower remedies for 3 weeks, I can sense a big change in me. I became less anxious, less impatient, more confident at work. This was really amazing, as my boyfriend also noticed the changes in me. I became more patient, less frustrated with work issues and my mind was calmer which enables me to think better. I am really glad to meet Deki and she is always very nice, patient and offers a great listening ear when I tell her my problems always and I really appreciated the support that she gave me always.
I highly recommend Deki’s consultation and also the Bach flower remedies which I have benefited. I will really like to help myself and my loved ones and decided to enroll in the introductory course in Bach Remedy. The two days of courses have enabled me to have an in-depth look at the traditional crisis formula and its use, the history and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach. I have learned the use of remedies in certain situations for myself,  loved ones including plants and animals. 
Thank you, Deki for everything! You have provided inspiration for me to heal myself!!


“Bach flower remedy was my final piece of the jigsaw puzzle in healing. When my 91-year old father became ill due to a hip fracture, resulting in other complications and trauma, it was an uphill battle trying to heal him at home with natural remedies. With homeopathy medicine and cell salts, he gradually improved. However, we experience cycles of improvements and setbacks. We were unable to address the emotional distress that constantly plagued him, dragging down physical improvements he made. When I got to know about Deki, we started using Bach Flower Remedy to help my father and thus began the remarkable road to recovery. My advice to those who are skeptical about this subtle and perhaps mysterious remedy is not to give up; use this remedy faithfully and follow through the process of consultations with Deki who will fine tune the Flower Remedy mixture to target the root cause of the problem. It may take a few weeks or months but never, never, NEVER give up on the POWER of flowers.”


“I was a little apprehensive before my first meeting with Deki. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open myself up to a complete stranger; in fact, I didn’t even know where to start off my conversation with her. Nevertheless, I wanted to give Bach Flower remedy a shot so I went anyway. The kind face and gentle voice that greeted me at that first meeting put me at ease immediately. Deki introduced me to Bach Flowers and got me talking about the issues that were bothering me. She could easily identify with my problems and could read my emotions through my eyes. I left my first session filled with hope. This was going to work.

A few nights after that first session I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Deki, just to find out how I was doing and how I was reacting to the remedy. I could feel that Deki genuinely cared for me. This, together with her gentle nature, allowed me to trust her and led me to see her as a friend instead of just another counselor of sorts.

As for the remedies, I have seen some results and am encouraged by it. I do urge anyone who has an open mind to try it.”


“Deki makes a great first impression! After learning about her work I immediately set up an appointment and subsequently had several consultations with her. Her professionalism and sincerity made it easy to establish trust, which helped me feel comfortable sharing with her.

As we progressed through the consultation sessions, Deki supported my growth at a pace that worked for me. She exhibits strong intuition which helped me look inside myself. I always felt confident working with her and appreciated her support. Deki makes each session personal and has a special skill in recognizing some of the broader experiences or emotions I was feeling. She patiently taught me to listen to myself and to recognize my strengths. After working with Deki I feel more peaceful and optimistic about the future.

I highly recommend Deki’s consultation services.”


“The Bach Flower Remedies have helped me when I was lost in choosing my career path and family issues. I had several consultations with Deki over several months. Initially, I took remedies for feeling depressed due to out of job and anger with my family and myself. The remedies led to the surfacing of other emotions which I did not expect them to be in me at all. Without them, I would not be able to know myself better. They kept me calm and allowed me to be aware of my emotions in me. I took Centaury to be able to say ‘no’ to my parents’ request without feeling bad. I used Rescue Remedy when I went for my job interview and my dental implant surgery. I usually bring a bottle of the Rescue Remedy when I am out of town for any emergency event. Walnut to help me cope with all the changes with my new job environment. Currently, I am taking Wild Oat to know what I want in life. They are completely safe, completely natural and have no side effects.”


“Early this year, my whole family were infected with Streptococcus Pneumoniae.
Our lungs were affected and the youngest one had ear discharge that became a real concern and fear of ear perforation.
My 2 boys went through tests and treatments of strong antibiotics, etc.
Our ordeal lasted a couple of months.

It was a physically trying and emotionally stressful period for the family.
Highly sleep deprived, I was tensed, worried and very quick-tempered.
My young boys, still very much within my auric field were naturally affected by my high strung energy.

When Deki offered to visit us with her remedies, I was very happy.
Right after the 2nd intake of the flower remedy, I felt a remarkable release of my stressful emotions where I experience instead of a sense of refreshing calm, clarity, peace, uplifting strength and stability. All these while I am still highly sleep deprived. I also observe a stark difference in my younger son who was most times agitated, grouchy and irritable during his illness but after his 2nd dose, calmed down significantly as well.

Feeling very excited, I quickly told Deki about the changes and went on to recommend Bach natural flower remedy to my other friends.
Bach natural flower remedy really works!
I am encouraged by its supportive effects for one who wishes to enhance their life experiences or wishes self-growth and understanding through work with their emotional body.”

With a grateful heart,

“I had a severe depression under its circumstances that barely manageable, which it reacts negatively to any situations, which trigger outburst frequently. Not until Deki introduced “Bach Flower Remedies”.

After taking the remedies for a few days, I felt calmed, lightened, with less heavy thoughts and sleep better. That allows me to make a wiser decision ahead for my daily work routine. Besides that, it is not enough to merely rely on the remedies, we must make use of the clarity achieved by taking the remedies to gain more awareness of ourselves.”


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