Research papers on Bach remedies

Some research studies done on Bach Flower Remedies:

1) Do Bach flower remedies have a role to play in pain control?
By Judy Howard, Bach Centre
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice (2007) 13, 174–183

2) Healing With Bach® Flower Essences: Testing a Complementary Therapy
By Robert Halberstein, Lydia DeSantis, Alicia Sirkin, Vivian Padron-Fajardo and Maria Ojeda-Vaz
Complementary Health Practice Review 2007; 12;3

3) Oral Flower Essences for ADHD
by Kaur et al.
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent
Psychiatry: Volume 41(8) August 2002 p 895

4) Bach Flower Therapy in the treatment of Chronic Major Depressive Disorder
By Mark Masi, PsyD
Alternative Therapies Nov/Dec 2003

5) Study into Bach as a Pre-Anaesthetic Medicine
By Dr. Shigeyoshi Toyota, Department of Anaesthesiology, Tsudanuma Chuoh General Hospital, Japan

6) Bach Flower Therapy: The Results of a Monitored Study of 115 Patients
La Medicina Biologica, Anno XV, No 2 April-June

7 ) The Bach Flowers: Between Adaptation and Activation – Rossi and Setti
La Medicina Biologica, March 1999
Study by 2 geologist who used the remedies to enhance the inherent properties of rocks
Original in Italian and translation provided
Original article only

8) Effects of Bach Rescue remedy on cardiac autonomic balance in healthy women
by S Wang and Y Wang
nstitute of Natural Healing Sciences, NanHua University, DaLin, ChiaYi, Taiwan
Presented at the International Research Congress on Integrative Medicine andHealth 2012 Portland OR, USA 15-18 May 2012

p/s: item 1 to 8 source: Bach Flower Education™

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