What is the Bach flower remedy system?

Bach flower remedy system is a simple and natural method of emotional healing through the use of the healing properties of the flowers. The individual remedy is really just energized water for the specific flower, plus brandy as the preservative (all natural ingredients)

The system focus on personalities imbalances and negative emotions were discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known physician, bacteriologist, pathologist, and immunologist, who believed that treating the physical symptoms was not enough. The body is very much like a mirror, reflecting our emotional states, be it good or bad. Our physical health is thus influenced by our emotions & personalities. 

There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system and each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion.

How remedies are made?

There are 2 ways of making the mother tincture; Sun and Boiling methods.

For the sun method, flowers are floated in a bowl of water and left in full sunlight. The warmth of the sun imprints the healing quality of the flower to the water.

As for the boiling method, flowering twigs are boiled to transfer their healing quality to the water. The energized water is then mixed with alcohol so as to preserve the energy and made into stock bottles. Having understood how the mother tinctures are prepared, all Dr. Bach’s remedy plants are non-poisonous as they do not contain any substance which would be capable of producing any adverse reaction.

What are the issues remedies can help to resolve?

In a nutshell, any problem that relates to emotion and personalities. To help give a sense of the extent, the remedies come as a liquid. You can mix up to 7 of the individual remedy, which gives nearly 293 million possible combinations. Hence the 38 remedies are able to help with every possible state of mind.

Some problems range from

  • daily work stress
  • challenges with major life transition such as first job, retrenchment, marriage, first child, pregnancy, childbirth, divorce, the death of loved ones, etc
  • personality related issues such as lack of self-esteem, anger management, a shy individual who might have difficulty socializing, etc
  • trauma-related including past traumas even many years ago that are unresolved internally
  • emergencies such as simple day to day household accidents which results in a scare such as falling down, scalding ourselves while cooking, or more severe ones such as involving in a car accident, witnessing one, etc

The Bach remedies work by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant within us, without suppressing negative state, for example, intolerance into understanding towards others or despair into positive faith and hope.

The remedies work gently on us, and the layers of emotion are peeled back to reveal the next underlying negative feelings that may require other corresponding Bach remedies. By working on layers of negative emotion one by one at your own pace, gradually the core problem will be revealed and resolved.

A quick example will be the Impatiens remedy, which in a negative state is someone who is impatient, irritable and always in a hurry. The positive state of an Impatiens person is actually patience. The remedy works by balancing this particular aspect. So if the person is in a negative state, it will aid in re-balancing this aspect. It is a gentle process and the usual outcome is awareness of the reduction of the hastiness and irritability.

Can everyone benefit from Bach remedies?

Yes. It is safe, natural and not habit forming. Everyone can take the remedies, including babies, infants, plants and animals!

How do I take the remedies?

Taking the remedies is simple.
For more deep-rooted problems, a mixing bottle is recommended.  Take four drops from the mixing bottle  (in any beverages) at least four times daily, for at least 2 weeks.  This is the minimum dosage, but if necessary, such as when the mood is acute, the frequency can be increased.

For passing moods and problems, add two drops of each selected remedy in a glass of water (four drops for Crisis Remedy). Sip as often as required until the mood has passed.

The remedy may work immediately or may require many months of continual use for deep-rooted emotions.

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