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In this place, we would like to share with you the healing power of the Bach remedies for a happier and healthier life.  

I’m Deki Soh, a Bach Flowers Practitioner, Teacher & appointed Teacher Trainer for Level 1 courses.

  • 1st UK Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) in Singapore
  • 1st UK Bach Foundation certified teacher in South East Asia
  • 1st Teacher for Bach Foundation Teachers Programme (BFTP1) in S.E.A, appointed by the Bach Centre. 
  • Level 1 to Level 3 teacher
  • Level 3 mentor
  • Teaching extensively across various countries, and pioneered in developing the Bach system in Bhutan, Thailand, and Indonesia

What is Bach flower healing system and how do you benefit from it? Let’s do a brief introduction.

Bach flower remedies healing system is a simple and natural method of emotional healing through the use of the healing properties of the flowers, that has been used in over 80 countries successfully. The system focus on personalities imbalances and negative emotions were discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known physician, bacteriologist, pathologist, and immunologist, who believed that our physical health is influenced by our emotions & personalities.


 Everyone can use the remedies including babies, animals and plants


Each of the 38 remedies is for certain emotional state. 


Remedies are natural, simple to use and are not habit forming

What are the ingredients in the remedies? Safe for Children?

Yes. It is safe, natural and not habit forming!

Everyone can take the remedies, including babies, infants, plants and animals!

The reason is because the active ingredient in a flower remedy is an energy from the plant, not a physical substance, so it will not interfere with the physical action of the other medicine. Nor will the other medicine stop the Bach remedy from working.

The other inactive ingredients are spring water and alcohol (as a preservative).

Alcohol is used as a preservative but the amount is traceable; less than a ripen banner hence it is safe for everyone.

What are the issues remedies can help with?

In a nutshell, any problems that relates to emotions and personalities.

Some problems range from:

  • daily work stress
  • challenges with major life transition such as first job, retrenchment, marriage, first child, pregnancy, childbirth, divorce, the death of loved ones, etc
  • personality related issues such as lack of self-esteem, anger management, shy individual who might have difficulty socializing, etc

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Are the Bach remedies same as essential oils?

No. Bach flower remedies have no plant material, and no scent/aroma, and are extremely gentle. They work on the emotional body in a subtle way and compatible with most of the other forms of healthcare.

It is because essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants. They are made through various methods, including steam distillation, expression, solvent, and CO2 extracted, and are most commonly used outside of the body.

 Bach remedies are liquid, potentized plant preparations that transfer the direct imprint of flowers onto water through exposing them to sunshine, and the remedies are taken with water.

Bach remedies can help you to achieve a more balanced life but how do you start?

Hi, I’m Mr. Ong Hong Seng, a Bach Flowers Practitioner & Teacher

  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner,
  • 1st Animal Practitioner in South East Asia
  • 2nd Bach Foundation certified teacher in Singapore

To use the Bach remedies, you can either select your own mix or speak to a Bach Practitioner. So, how do you decide? Let me share with you the options. 

Select your own remedies

Dr. Bach intended the use of the remedies to be straightforward and simple enough for all to understand.  

Self-selection is suitable if you:

  • know all 38 remedies
  • understand your current emotions
  • able to decide confidently the corresponding remedies you need

If you are unsure, you can consider the help of a practitioner to guide you through your healing process and to learn the Bach system if you are new to it. 


Seeing a Bach Practitioner

If it is difficult to select the right remedies for yourself, especially when spirits are low and is unable to think clearly enough to decide on the remedies you need, a Bach practitioner will help you to:


  • address your presenting issues,
  • sort out your current emotional state,
  • heighten your self-awareness,
  • put your thoughts in the right perspective,
  • creating a new pattern in life,
  • suggest the most appropriate remedies for you 

You might be wondering how do the remedies work?

In every negative emotion, there is a positive side to it, just like a coin of 2 sides. For example,  the positive quality for impatience is patience, fear is courage and hatred is love.

Remedies are selected based on your current emotional imbalances, and taking the corresponding Bach remedies will bring out the respective positive qualities in you to balance the negative ones, just like a see-saw. More about the remedies.

If you are still not sure, call us and we will do our best to assist you.

Services we provide

As the pioneers in Singapore, we aim to provide all you need to use the remedies and to learn the Bach system.

What is a Bach Consultation?

Consultation with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) will ensure that the treatment process follows the Bach system recommended by Dr. Edward Bach. The purpose of the consultation session is to provide an opportunity for the client to discuss the areas that they want to address in a supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. During the session, BFRP will identify the emotional states which may have become out of balance.

After the discussion, a mixing bottle, which the client has agreed on the remedies, will be mixed.

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What made our Bach courses unique?
  • We share with you our years of vast experience working with the remedies!
  • We give you the key pointers to each remedy and help you relating the remedies to your life.
  • As firm believers of experiential learning, you will learn the remedies through taking them, and in the process, connecting with the self that is already in you.
  • we do not just teach the system, we show you the way to listen to your inner voice, to acknowledge your current state of mind, and gradually learn to increase your awareness through using remedies and observation.

Dr. Edward Bach aims to make this system a simple one for everybody to use it. However, having an in-depth understanding of the remedies and healing process requires an experienced teacher to guide you.

We have years of working with people from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of issues and challenges.  In addition,  having taught the Bach healing system for years,  this helps us to be better in conducting the courses,  as we know exactly how to do it, to make it just right for you to comprehend the subject.

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What made our Bach products unique?

Julian Barnard, the founder & remedy maker of Healing Herbs, was taught to make Mother Tinctures by Nickie Murray who worked closely with Nora Weeks at the Bach Centre in the 1970s. This tradition of how to make the remedies as specified by Dr Bach is adhered to by Healing Herbs to this day. The remedies are prepared with the same care and dedication by people who know what they are doing and why.

This is our promise to you: every remedy, through every part of the process, is made according to the original directions of Dr. Edward Bach. We hold this work in trust.”~ Julian Barnard.


What our clients and students are saying:

I’m grateful to know Deki and Hong Seng. Both of you are super nice, kind, and caring persons. And thank you so much for teaching our Thai doctor group about Bach flowers. It’s very useful and a great tool to help ourselves, our family, and other people. Thank you again, and wish you all the best.

Porntip Chooparnich


So grateful that my path crossed with Deki Soh, and became one of her students in studying Bach Flower Remedies. Deki is a very wonderful teacher and amazing person. She is supportive, caring and thoughtful. I’ve gained much knowledge, insight and assistance all through my journey with Bach Flower Remedies. Thanks a lot and always wish you abundant blessings !

Felicia Monroe


Thank you Deki and Hong Seng, the great teachers who opened the door to meet Bach remedies. They are supportive,  and they listen to understand me.
Thank you for the great experience and the valuable knowledge.

Ploychompoo Pornsiriviwat


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